I’m Ellie Ericson. I have been photographing for the last nine years.

Growing up, I was surrounded by photography and a variety of other creative mediums. For as long and far back as I can remember, the idea of expressing my emotions and ideas through the arts was an integral part of me.

I love being behind my camera; I feel most like myself there. Through my lens, I’m about the essential emotion of a story and the true essence of people. I am fascinated by human stories and in finding the extraordinary beauty of normal moments. The unique quality of photographs as communication allows me to say and express things in ways that transcends words.

I graduated from Langara College in Vancouver in 2010 with a degree in photography. I have been photographing portraits, people stories, conferences, events and my extensive travels for the last 5 years. My photographs have been featured in Rear Curtain magazine, The Professional Photographers of America publication, and I am exhibiting my flamenco series, “Duende – The Power of Flamenco”, at Kino Café in Vancouver, B.C. in September, 2015.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find something here that makes you see things a little differently than you saw them before.