Artful Impressions – Loyally Waiting

This is a bit of an unusual image for me, but one that I feel belongs in this Artful Impressions series I have started. It’s an image that has become one of my favourites.

Last June, as I was in Port Townsend attending the A.R.T. Conference, I happened to attend an antique car show with a few of the other guys from the group…

I did an initial walkabout, and decided, meh, that it wasn’t for me. I bid everyone goodbye and as I was walking out, I passed this truck with the dog hanging out in it. Whoa, full stop – hmmm, well, I’ll stick around if there are dogs in cars I thought….pulled out my camera and stole a few quick images…I don’t know the dog’s name, and the owner wasn’t anywhere in sight, but the dog was a patient, sweet and cooperative subject…his eyes followed my every move, but his body didn’t budge…which was quite a comical site as I walked around the truck a couple times looking for the best angle to photograph from…

Just last week, I received news back from the PPA Western States Competition that this image had earned a Seal of Approval – and that it will also be automatically entered and Merited in the International Competition this coming summer.

Big grin 🙂

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