Florence at Twilight

I’ve been working on a post for 3 days now. Lots going on photographically for me, and it’s not coming easily to write about it yet. Clearly, that one will require a bit more work. In the meantime, here is a quick postcard edit of a twilight shot I did with Mike Alexander tonight. Standing on the bridge east of and facing the Ponte Vecchio…

I need to thank Mike for gently insisting we hang on for another 20 mins…I thought it was a bust…as when we finally got to the spot we wanted, there wasn’t a sunset to speak of, we weren’t at all sure that the bridge would light up, and the sunshine and blue skies we passed back at the Duomo had all disappeared…but holding out for twilight sure was lovely. Thanks Mike 🙂

We’ve had a very odd mix of weather since arriving on Friday night. Today was a mix of pouring rain, cloud, some wind, more rain, some intermittent sunshine…and generally very muggy.

Tomorrow, we move on to Siena and the lower part of the Chianti region. Can’t wait!

More to come…stay tuned.



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