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I’ve been photographing with my iPhone for about 2 years now. It’s the camera I always have with me.

I’ve never been one to keep a consistent written journal of events in my life, but as a photographer and a visual artist, I came to realize that  I can be consistent in recording visual memories. Thus, my iPhone has become a tool that allows me to capture the spontaneous, candid everyday moments, wherever I might find myself. It’s the tool that has allowed me to “play”, and be creative in an entirely new and freeing way that the larger DSLR doesn’t provide. The simplicity of the iPhone camera provides me the opportunity to think much more creatively and has contributed to my growth overall as a photographer. Many of the iPhone snaps I’ve taken have provided the foundational ideas for bigger photography projects I have embarked on in the last year!

Therefore, it seemed a shame not to have a gallery showcasing the images that have been created from this beloved tool of mine. You will find galleries dedicated to Vancouver and Italy to begin…I’ll also be adding a general category of some sort in the next while with a smattering of images not necessarily destination oriented, but more like candid images in a “This ‘n That” category.

More to come!


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