“Living The Dream”… A New eBook by Marco Ryan

My friend Marco Ryan has recently published his first e-book “Living The Dream – How to select, prepare for and enjoy your photography workshop”.  If you are considering a workshop or photo tour, I highly recommend this eBook to assist you . It will not only help you select the right workshop for yourself but it will also walk you through the planning and preparation required to get the most out of a photography workshop experience.

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“Living The Dream” is a 71-page, 35 spread PDF.  It is beautifully illustrated with stunning images all taken by Marco on his workshop travels. The book is full of tips, links, and suggestions of what to look for, the questions to ask and what to expect of the tour/workshop leader(s). There are extensive sections focusing on selecting the appropriate photography and travel gear, and the what and hows of the necessary research required.

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This is a brilliant resource that I personally wish had been available to me while I was in the process of choosing, planning and preparing for my own previous workshops! This is an essential resource that can make all the difference in how you enjoy a travel photography tour.

By making the purchase of this eBook for only $7, you’ll be helping those less fortunate than you live their dream as well. All proceeds of this eBook go to Focus For Humanity which helps NGO’s (non governmental organizations) and photographers fund photography for humanitarian causes by creating new grants.

Click here to purchase your copy now.





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