…Not Done Yet…


It’s been quiet here. For me, it’s been a deafening and disconcerting silence.

A year has passed. A year of travelling, working, learning, and growing going on behind the scenes of this website and blog. But a necessary incubation of sorts.

I’ve had several experiences of putting aside work from my travels and work I’ve photographed here at home. And each time I go back and revisit that work, I am both grateful and relieved that I had the patience to allow that period of waiting before moving forward on any editing of that work. That waiting period affords valuable new perspectives to emerge, and one that sees the images with new appreciation. This sculpts your project with a depth that isn’t present if you dive in too soon.

And this week, I’ve realized that the project, Flamenco, in particular, needed that time for me to pick up the thread and revisit it. I dusted off my camera last week and photographed the talented troupes at Kino Cafe and I’m able to see a new thread…I’m not done yet. 🙂

It’s the relief of having someone lift that weight of a piano off your head and heart.

Expect that there will be an overhaul on this website and blog in the next little while – clarity and a new sense of direction finally allows me to sally forth!

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