The Italian Adventure – Part I

It’s already been one whole week that I have been here! Time flies when you’re having fun.

I’ve had the pleasure of travelling with two, very kind and funny guys throughout Tuscany. We’ve been on the go at a steady pace the entire week – and it seemed to catch up with us in Bologna tonight. After doing all the exploring, travelling, walking, and photographing for a week straight, believe me, your feet  start to speak very loudly…We’ve retired early, and I am catching up on some editing time. Being here for a second time, and re-visiting Florence was definitely posing a few challenges where my photography was concerned. In fact, this whole week has been a tough start for me, it wasn’t until this afternoon in Bologna that I felt like I was getting into a groove with the camera. I will have a lot to say about my own personal experience of shooting in the last week, when I get home. For me, this takes a fair amount of time and processing  in sharing it all on the blog – which when travelling at this pace, you simply don’t have time for.

We’ve seen a lot and tomorrow we start the second part of our adventure with the Within The Frame Group in Venice – hosted by David DuChemin and Jeffrey Chapman. I’ve never been to Venice, and am so looking forward to spending a week with some amazing people,  immersing myself in the city with my camera.

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with a few postcards of the places we’ve been to.



Piazza Duomo, Florence


Lucca - Walking the wall around the fortressed city.


Siena - Piazza Il Campo at twilight.


A view of Tuscany from the ancient walls of San Gimignano


Bologna at twilight



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