The Mask Maker In Rear Curtain

I’m thrilled to announce that my images of the Mask Maker have been published in the latest issue of the visual storytelling magazine and website Rear Curtain!

The images of the Mask Maker story were photographed while I was in Venice last spring where I spent a week exploring the historical city with a group of ten other photographers. I confess, that having both created this story AND having it published with Rear Curtain has been a dream of mine this year. I sit here and can hardly believe it’s been realized.

I have been a big supporter of Rear Curtain since its beginnings….and like Ed Brydon, because it’s so important, I too want to share with you their mission:

life  people  stories

“At its heart, Rear Curtain is about storytelling. Images hold the potential to share some of the most powerful stories that connect us no matter where in the world we live. Finding stories that link people to one another and that reflect how we are all the same can make the world a better place. Through sharing our lives and those of the people around us–our family, friends, neighbors, and our community–we can move others to new points of view by showing what we all have in common regardless of race, culture, religion or geography. These stories can improve understanding and influence behavior, all with the hope of–in some way–changing the future.

Our mission is to be a place for emerging visual storytellers to share the stories that are important to them and also to be a resource of learning tools for those who wish to advance their storytelling skills.”

This latest issue from Rear Curtain contains work by Michael Freeman, Ed Brydon, Mark Krajnak and Patrick Laroque to name just a few. I am honoured to be a contributor to this issue amongst such wonderful and talented company! 

I have many to thank for being part of the process in the making of the Mask Maker. First, the crew at Rear Curtain – Ray Ketcham, Sabrina Henry, Matt Connors and Stuart Sipahigil. You’ve all been with me since the beginning – through ART x 2, Close to Home, IDEA and now including me as a contributor for Rear Curtain. Thank you for your friendship, believing in me and supporting my journey in photography. 

Ray, a special thank you for your unconditional support and encouraging mentorship through my learning process…I don’t know that it’s possible to articulate how grateful I am.

To my friends and family who have supported my decision to take an entirely new direction in life with my camera. Your encouragement and support in general and here on my blog, thank you so much.

Last but not least, I remain enormously grateful to Sheida Jaffer, a fellow participant on the Within The Frame tour in Venice, without her help I would never have met Hamid, and the story would never have come about.

To find out more about Rear Curtain, and/or if you have a story to tell and want to submit your work, or if you’d like to purchase your own copy of this latest issue, click HERE.

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